Aldi "hugely committed" to opening 50 new stores in Ireland 2 years ago

Aldi "hugely committed" to opening 50 new stores in Ireland

Six of the stores will open this year.

Niall O'Connor, Group Managing Director for Aldi Ireland, has revealed that Aldi is "hugely committed" to opening 50 new stores across Ireland.


Speaking on Newstalk Business, he said that the business has had a "hugely positive" year, and is set to open six stores throughout 2021.

"The next stage, which is some great news, and it's on the back of a number of really positive announcements we've made this year. We're on record now saying we're about to open six stores, four of those will open as soon as the construction industry reopens," he said.

"That 15% growth that you mentioned, has also enabled us to come out and make a significant good news announcement this month, which is about 1,050 new jobs and that is great for us, it's great for the Irish supply base because, of course, the vast majority of everything we supply comes fresh from the Irish supply base.

"There is a great opportunity for us in Dublin, we see an extra 20 stores in Dublin and actually 50 new stores over the country."


When asked about a timeline for the opening of the 50 stores, O'Connor said that the development will be "dependent on sites becoming available", but said that Aldi is committed to opening the stores as quickly as possible.

"That is the crystal ball, I would love to be able to answer, it is dependent on sites becoming available, planning process and so on, but look, we're hugely committed to it," he added.

"We've done very well in our first few years in the country in terms of being a force to be reckoned with and bringing value to an industry that didn't exist before we arrived, so we are absolutely committed to opening those stores as quick as we can. Six of them, as I said already, will open this year."