Amanda Nunes publicly mocks Ronda Rousey after destroying the former champion 7 years ago

Amanda Nunes publicly mocks Ronda Rousey after destroying the former champion

The Lion throws some serious shade.

It took 48 seconds for Amanda Nunes to knock Ronda Rousey not only from her perch but into a position of career turmoil. Will the former Champion return again? Can she claw her way back from this? It is only Rousey's second defeat in the sport yet the media firestorm that built her, is now systematically burning her and it will make a second comeback psychologically strenuous.


After the fight, Amanda Nunes graciously took the time to thank Rousey for her contribution to the sport before proceeding to effectively relegate her from elite athlete to entertainer-for-hire.

“Before I walk out, I knew, this moment is my moment, she had her time and she did her thing for the sport. Thank you Ronda Rousey, but this is my time now. I am Amanda Nunes, I am the lion.”

“Now she’s going to retire and go to movies and make a lot of money now. You have lots of talent in this division. Forget about Ronda Rousey.”


Nunes then took to Twitter to showcase some garishly awful photoshop skills and establish her domination. The baby reference could have been incidental or could have referenced the way many thought the UFC indulged Rousey's demand for a media-blackout in the run up last night's fight.


Whatever the rationale for the mother-jogging-with-stroller inspiration, Nunes is showing up and demanding to be recognised.

Relive the 48 second whammer below and know that for all of the pain endured by Rousey she reportedly made $62,500 for every second she was in the octagon. You do the math. (No it's okay we'll do it for you, she made; $3 million)


The queen has officially officially been succeeded. It took two defeats for us to believe it but Rousey is no longer the champion but the underdog.