America has finally ended its ban on sports betting 1 year ago

America has finally ended its ban on sports betting

This could be massive news for anyone who'll be in the states for the World Cup...

Have you ever been spending time in America, sat down in an Irish bar to watch the GAA or some football from back home, reached for your betting app only to find that it's BLOCKED?

This is a common occurrence, and a result of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which prevents US states from permitting gambling on sports.

In a landmark ruling today, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the law violates their constitution's Tenth Amendment, which the Supreme Court has said prohibits federal laws that compel states to carry out federal dictates.

Up until today, the state of Nevada had a monopoly on legal gambling in the United States, with all other states prevented from allowing it. All that is now set to change.

While its not immediately clear how all states will react to this news, shares in William Hill and Paddy Power have immediately shot up by 8.5% and 8.3% respectively — suggesting that this is very good news for the bookies.

The new industry could be a major tax boost for the US, where it is estimated that citizens spend $150 billion a year on illegal sports wagering.

New Jersey has said they're immediately prepared to roll out legal gambling at casinos and racetracks.