Controversial influencer Andrew Tate banned from Instagram and Facebook 9 months ago

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate banned from Instagram and Facebook

Tate has attracted major criticism for his comments about women.

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has officially been banned from Instagram and Facebook after parent company Meta deemed he was violating its policies.


It follows a Twitter ban for the former Big Brother contestant and kick-boxer, who has attracted significant criticism for his comments about women.

Previously, Tate had said that women should "bear responsibility" should they suffer sexual assault. Tate, whose videos have also been shared on TikTok and YouTube, has stated that men should exclusively date teenagers, arguing that they are more appealing due to a lack of sexual experience.

"Misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok," a spokesperson told JOE on Friday. "We've been removing violative videos and accounts for weeks, and we welcome the news that other platforms are also taking action against this individual."

The 35-year-old has been accused of sexism, misogyny and contributing to rape culture. Speaking to NBC News, Tate said that he makes many videos that praise women and he has told his audience to avoid "low value people", including "toxic" men.


At the time of his ban being issued, Tate boasted 4.7 million followers on Instagram. In June, he had just one million in comparison.

According to a Meta statement posted via BBC News on Friday, Tate was removed due to violating its polices on dangerous organisations and individuals. However, no specific context addressing Tate was provided.

In 2016, Tate was removed from the Big Brother house due to "outside activities".

After his exit from the reality TV programme, Tate claimed that a UK newspaper was due to publish a video that depicted him hitting a woman with a belt. Tate insisted the video was edited.