Apartments in Dublin could be about to get a lot smaller 7 years ago

Apartments in Dublin could be about to get a lot smaller

If you think you live in a cramped flat in Dublin already, well...

Flats in Dublin could be about to get 27% smaller than the current minimum size.


This is according to The Irish Timeswho have reported that the Planning Guidelines on Design Standards for New Apartments will see apartments built in the city become even smaller.

The minimum size for a one-bed apartment in Dublin is 55 sq m, with the new laws reducing that to 45 sq m.

There are notable conditions;

The measures are for those renting, not owner-occupiers and the studio apartments must be “within walking distance of centres of employment or on or immediately adjoining major employment sites”.


The new measures won't stop there, with the council proposing to reduce the number of apartments that have windows on both sides from 85% to just 50%.

Meanwhile, Alan Kelly, the Minister for the Environment, has insisted:

“I will not stand for shoe-box living that was the hallmark of the Fianna Fáil governments of the past.”

During the mid 1990s, the smallest apartments in Dublin were just 38 sq m.