Apple issues emergency software updates after major security issue identified 2 years ago

Apple issues emergency software updates after major security issue identified

People have been urged to immediately update their Apple devices, including iPhones.

Apple has issued emergency software updates after a critical vulnerability in its iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computer products was identified.


In a statement on its site, cybersecurity watchdog organisation the Citizen Lab said that while analysing the phone of a Saudi activist, it discovered it had been infected with an advanced form of spyware.

It is reported that the "zero-click" spyware can infect a person's iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac computer without the victim's knowledge, enabling hackers to activate the product's camera and microphone or access messages and other data.

The Citizen Lab has alleged the spyware comes from Israeli cyber firm NSO Group and that it believes it has been in use since February 2021.

Following the Citizen Lab disclosing the vulnerability to Apple, the technology company released updates that patch the spyware.


A security note from Apple reads: "Processing a maliciously crafted PDF may lead to arbitrary code execution. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited."

"We urge readers to immediately update all Apple devices," the Citizen Lab said.

For more information about the Apple updates, see here. You can also visit the Citizen's Lab's website to learn more about the zero-click spyware.

News of the updates comes as Apple is set to unveil its new products at the company's annual launch event today (Tuesday, 14 September).