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27th Apr 2021

Arlene Foster’s DUP leader position could be in danger after 75% of MLA’s sign no confidence letter

Clara Kelly

Arlene Foster Brexit

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) said in a statement that the issues “are matters for members of the party”.

Arlene Foster’s position as leader of the DUP could be in danger after 75% of her Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) signed a letter of no confidence.

Multiple DUP sources told the Belfast News Letter that a “clear majority” of DUP MLAs, as well as “at least half the party’s MPs and some of its peers” have signed what they describe as effectively a letter of no confidence in the party leader.

While the publication has not seen the letter, one of the politicians who signed it said there were 21 MLAs, four MPs and at least one peer’s name on the document.

The DUP said in a statement on Tuesday that the issues were being handled internally and were “for members of the party” in the first instance.

“The Democratic Unionist Party conducts its business in accordance with its constitution and rules,” the statement said.

“The officers of the party oversee the conduct and organisation of its internal democratic electoral processes.

“Whilst understanding that there will be from time to time public interest in party processes, these issues, in the first instance, are matters for members of the party and we are not able to make any further comment at this time.”