CSO figures reveal the average weekly disposable income for individuals in Ireland 11 months ago

CSO figures reveal the average weekly disposable income for individuals in Ireland

Do you have this much money to spend on a weekly basis?

The average weekly disposable income for an individual in Ireland was €472.81 in 2017, according to figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on Monday.

The CSO published the results from the Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) for 2017 and comparable data for previous years on Monday, revealing that the disposable income figure for individuals showed an increase of 5.3% from €449.04 in 2016 to €472.81 in 2017.

The CSO arrived at the disposable income figures by adding social transfers to primary income and subtracting income taxes and social insurance contributions.

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Amongst other key findings in the report was that the mean annual household disposable income was €48,476 in 2017, representing a statistically significant increase of 4.7% on the 2016 value of €46,310.

Elsewhere, figures revealed that 15.7% of Irish people were considered to be at risk of poverty in 2017, which accounts for the percentage of people in Ireland whose equivalised income was less than 60% of the national median equivalised income.

18.8% of Irish people in 2017, meanwhile, were considered to be experiencing enforced deprivation, defined as not being able to afford two or more deprivation indicators, such as keeping the home adequately warm or buying presents for family/friends at least once a year.

The most common types of deprivation experienced by Irish households were an inability to afford to replace worn out furniture (20.4%), to afford to have family or friends for a drink or a meal once a month (13.9%) and to afford a morning, afternoon or evening out in the last fortnight (13.2%).

The survey also included findings on physical status at work, visits to a GP or medical practitioner and dietary habits and can be read in full here.