"Plenty of sunshine" on the way for the Bank Holiday weekend, says Met Éireann 1 year ago

"Plenty of sunshine" on the way for the Bank Holiday weekend, says Met Éireann

Start making those plans. Happy days!

League of Ireland matches, the start of the football championship with Mayo taking on New York and London facing up to Galway, plenty of games in the Premier League as the title race enters its final stages, Game of Thrones.

The May Bank Holiday weekend was already shaping up to be a pretty decent but if you were looking to make some plans outdoors, Met Éireann has great news for you.

Lovers of Junior Cert geography will be delighted to know that the long weekend will be mainly dry due to "anticyclonic conditions" prevailing.

Quick question, and your geography teacher is judging you.

What's an anticyclone?

If your answer is "a weather system with high barometric pressure at its centre, around which air slowly circulates in a clockwise (northern hemisphere) or anticlockwise (southern hemisphere) direction, usually associated with calm, fine weather," you would be correct.

Google was not consulted on that answer. Cough, cough.

Anyway, we're set to get some great weather for the Bank Holiday weekend as the forecast says that "temperatures will be a little lower than usual for the time of year but will recover to near normal by the end of the weekend".

"There will, however, be little or no wind and plenty of sunshine so will feel pleasant despite the slightly lower temperatures - typically between 9 and 12 or 13 degrees from north to south. The winds, light northerly on Saturday, becoming variable by Saturday night."

Happy days.

However, before the long weekend arrives, parts of the country are expected to get some gloomy weather.

For example, Wednesday night will see isolated showers in the northern regions. As for Thursday, the west coast is expected to see some rain.

Friday will be mainly dry though due to high pressure, the start of what should be a very decent weekend.

Beer garden, anyone?