Be careful on Tinder; Fake profile of model dupes some Irish users... 5 years ago

Be careful on Tinder; Fake profile of model dupes some Irish users...

This is odd and worrying... 

A Tinder impostor, pretending to be Irish model Holly Carpenter, set up a fake profile but things quickly took a sinister turn.

This impostor sent out an assortment of random naked pictures to other Tinder users before the Irish model contacted the Gardaí to sort out the situation.

Holly, who previously wrote a piece for us about Snapchat photos and what girls really mean when using them, contacted the authorities after she was unable to resolve the situation herself.

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Holly originally attempted to rectify the situation by contacting the impostor directly and asking them to stop what they were doing, but it didn't help.

Speaking to The Herald she said, "I've messaged, asking them to stop and they started getting nasty about it.

"They were ringing me in the middle of the night and sending me constant messages, I ended up going to the Gardaí - I was so freaked out."

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Things got even worse when Holly found out that the user was sending out naked pictures on this fake profile and even texted men from a mobile.

One guy even contacted her on Facebook and eventually asked: "How come you will talk to me on Tinder but not on Facebook?"

Holly, who doesn't have a Tinder profile, also said that someone also contacted one of her friends pretending to be her and said she wanted to get a boob job.

It's all very strange, it would make you wonder who you are really talking to on Tinder, but it does reinforce the point to be careful on social media...

Hat-tip to The Herald