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23rd Mar 2016

Belgian police find a suicide note believed to be written by one of the Brussels bombers

Carl Kinsella

Belgian police have found what they believe to be a suicide note penned by suspected Brussels bomber Ibrahim El Bakraoui.

El Bakraoui and his younger brother, Khalid, are suspected of having perpetrated the attacks in which killed dozens of people in the Belgian capital yesterday.

Today, a Belgian prosecutor revealed that police have found what they believe to be a laptop containing a suicide note written by the elder El Bakraoui.

According to the Business Insider, the note claimed that the author was in “a bad situation”, and “would end up in a cell if [I] don’t act immediately.”

“The note would confirm the speculation that the attackers moved up the timetable because Abdeslam was arrested,” Will McCants, who wrote ‘The ISIS Apocalypse’ told Business Insider.

The full note has yet to be released by authorities.