The Bernard Shaw pub set to re-open at new location in Dublin 10 months ago

The Bernard Shaw pub set to re-open at new location in Dublin

Some good news of a Friday.

Earlier this month, it was announced that revered Dublin pub The Bernard Shaw is to close down, seemingly ceasing operations altogether.

The news was met with dismay by Dublin residents and beyond, with the loss of yet another popular space spelling doom and gloom for many who argue that the capital is in danger of losing its unique culture.

However, as of Friday morning (20 September), there's some good news on the horizon as the Shaw is set to rise from the ashes at a new location.

In conversation with the Irish Times, Bodytonic's Trevor O'Shea confirmed that his group has taken over the Porterhouse Whitworth at Cross Guns Bridge in Phibsborough on the north side of the city.

The plan appears to be to recreate just about everything that people know and love about the Richmond Street favourite, from atmosphere to its specific bits and pieces.

What's more, there won't be too much time waiting around either, with O'Shea noting that he hopes to have Shaw 2.0 up and running at the end of October as the original haunt brings the curtain down.

"We are pretty much transplanting everything we do at the Bernard Shaw to there," he said.

"Some things won’t fit – we don’t have loads of wall space for art. There is indoor and outdoor space, but it is smaller.

"We will launch it the same weekend we close here. We might keep the name, or start with a new name, we are not sure yet."

You can read O'Shea's chat with The Irish Times in full here.