Bertie Ahern has some interesting thoughts on a united Ireland 5 years ago

Bertie Ahern has some interesting thoughts on a united Ireland

Bertie is back... again.

Once again, Bertie Ahern has reiterated his belief that a border poll on a united Ireland would be a mistake at this time.


The former Taoiseach appeared on Newstalk with Ivan Yates where he discussed a wide variety of topics from the EU and the UK's impending departure from the EU as well as the debate surrounding a possible border poll in Ireland.

Speaking to Ivan Yates, Ahern said: "I'd love to think there will [be a united Ireland] but by having a border poll in the short-term, it would set it back and make sure it's not in my kids' lifetime.

"[The clauses put forward in the Good Friday Agreement] were not for some sort of sectarian vote, or the day when the nationalists or republicans could outvote the unionists and loyalists. If you want trouble again in the North, play that game. It's a dangerous game.

"The whole spirit of the Good Friday Agreement is to work in peace and harmony on this island, until the day comes that nationalist and republicans will convince freely a proportion of unionists and loyalists that a united Ireland is a good idea. You will set it back by forcing it in the short-term," Ahern said.


This is not the first time that Ahern has voiced his belief on this issue having said to a meeting of the Seanad’s Special Select Committee on Brexit last month that, "Having a sectarian head count is the last thing we need."