The 25 best companies to work for in Ireland have been revealed 1 year ago

The 25 best companies to work for in Ireland have been revealed

Titans of industry, one and all.

Everyone loves a good list.


This is just scientific fact.

And what list could be more tantalising than a considered rundown of the very best places to work for in Ireland?

It doesn't get more electric, folks.

Per new data from employment giant LinkedIn, the top 25 best workplaces in the country have been revealed – with information technology and consultancy firm Accenture taking top spot.


IBM and Alphabet Inc – which is the parent company of Google – are placed second and third, respectively.

So, how does one qualify for this illustrious list?

LinkedIn has focused on the top 25 firms in Ireland that "offer career growth, skills development opportunities, and job stability".

The list is compiled based on actions taken on LinkedIn's platform – which comprises two million Irish members – between January and December of 2021.


Other factors include a company's stability, gender diversity, skills growth and the ability to advance internally.

As for overall apparent champion of industry Accenture; the company boasts over 5,000 staff in both Dublin and Cork, with 95 different nationalities found amongst the workforce.

The full list is as follows:

25. SAP


24. EY

23. JP Morgan Chase & Co

22. Abbot

21. A&L Goodbody LLP

20. PepsiCo


19. Bank of America

18. KPMG

17. Boston Scientific

16. Citi

15. Meta

14. GE

13. Merck

12. PwC

11. Paypal

10. Dell Technologies

9. Johnson & Johnson

8. AstraZeneca

7. Pfizer

6. AIB

5. Intel

4. Apple

3. Alphabet Inc

2. IBM

1. Accenture