This bird looks a little bit like Michael D Higgins, and he agrees 4 months ago

This bird looks a little bit like Michael D Higgins, and he agrees

Our president.

The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins sure is one hell of a man.


It's been over a week since his now viral video came to light, which saw a very enthusiastic Misneach playfully gnawing at his hand for attention during a TV interview.

If you haven't watched the video yet, please take a minute out of your day to enjoy it now. We'll wait right here.

OK, welcome back. Obviously the country is now hungry for more Michael D. Higgins animal content and Eilis Kinsella has provided us with what we desire.

She snapped the photo below after finishing her shift in hospital and couldn't help but think this fledgling robin bore a resemblance to President Higgins.

Not content with just snapping the great photo and leaving it at that, Eilis decided to send the photo on to President Higgins in the hope he "may enjoy the resemblance".

Of course, she was absolutely delighted to receive a "lovely" response from President Higgins' office.


The response thanked her for sending in the photos and said President Higgins was a fan of the photos.

"President Higgins enjoyed looking at the photos and was suitably impressed with the bird's hairstyle!" a spokesperson said.

He thanked Eilis for the thoughtfulness of writing to the President and wished her and all her patients the best in the future.

"Suitably impressed with the bird's hairstyle."

By God.