Black Sabbath back Martin O’Neill for Ireland gig 8 years ago

Black Sabbath back Martin O’Neill for Ireland gig

Geezer Butler adds his voice to the campaign to get Martin O’Neill in to replace Trap.

We have had a fair few stories involving Geezer and managerial dismissals lately but this one has nothing to do with Kildare.


This one comes from Black Sabbath founding member and bass player Geezer Butler. The well known Aston Villa fan obviously remembered Martin O’Neill’s time at Villa Park fondly, and reckons he’s the ideal man to take on the FAI’s big job.

And, after a few of his followers queried exactly which O’Neill, he clarified in a follow up tweet.



Whatever about the Derry man’s credentials, we’re not so sure about Geezer's 'Gabby Agbonlahor for England' campaign.

We now eagerly await Ozzy Osbourne’s view on the man to step in for Trap...

Thanks to Cian Ormond for the heads up.