Blood donations urgently needed after last week's massive storm in Ireland 3 months ago

Blood donations urgently needed after last week's massive storm in Ireland

All blood groups required.

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service is seeking donations as a matter of urgency, following the storm that ripped through Ireland last week.

Storm Emma's effects were felt throughout the country, with the east and south coasts particularly badly affected.

Paul McKinney, Operations Director with the service, said: "We're looking for all blood groups."

It is hoped that up to 7,000 donations will be made between now and St. Patrick's Weekend.

McKinney confirmed that all blood groups are currently running low.

"Obviously, O negative which is the universal group, O positive which is the most common and A positive. But as I say, all groups are low at the moment."


Minister for Health Simon Harris also issued an appeal for donors.

"One in four people will require a transfusion at some time in their lives. For many people that time is now, and our supply has been severely depleted over the last week," he said.

“The Irish Blood Transfusion Service has kept up its supply to hospitals during the severe weather, but hasn't been able to hold clinics.

"Now they have just three days' supply on average across all groups and just two days of O negative."

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