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14th Mar 2019

LISTEN: Audio released from the tragic events of Bloody Sunday

Rudi Kinsella

bloody sunday audio

This is a really tough listen.

On Thursday morning it was announced that one former British soldier is to be charged with the murder of civilians on Bloody Sunday in Derry in January 1972.

Fourteen civilians were killed when British soldiers fired on a crowd during a civil rights march in the city.

Relatives of the deceased had waited for decades to see whether or not the individuals would be charged.

And now, given the day that’s in it, Morning Ireland have released audio clips from the incident in 1972, with some radio snippets, as well as harrowing audio from the ground.

It is not an easy listen, but you can do so here:

According to RTÉ, the retired soldier who will be charged with the murders of James Wray and William McKinney, as well as the attempted murders of four other people, is expected to robustly contest the charges.