British MPs pass bill aimed at blocking no-deal Brexit 1 year ago

British MPs pass bill aimed at blocking no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson has once again tabled a motion for a general election to take place on 15 October.

British MPs have voted in the House of Commons to pass a bill aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit.


Following Tuesday's heated scenes in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced significant defeat amongst his peers at the first time of asking, MPs convened on Wednesday to take control of parliamentary business.

On an evening in which the mood was much the same, MPs voted by 327 to 299 on a third reading of the Benn Bill, a majority of 28.

That bill will now go to the House of Lords.

In response, Johnson reiterated his call for a general election to take place on 15 October, with the current Brexit deadline of 31 October looming.

Johnson underlined "only one way forward," reminding those present that the house has repeatedly previously for Britain to leave the European Union.

The Prime Minister said that today's actions have moved to "scupper any serious negotiations" with regards to his Brexit plan, contending that the Benn Bill will "take away the right" of the UK to determine its own independence.

"Under any circumstances, this country will leave the EU on 31 October," Johnson remarked, stating that Britain must now decide who will travel to Brussels to deliver that scenario; Johnson himself or the leader of the opposition.


Johnson said that those who voted against his deal showed "a great dereliction of their duty" in doing so.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, one of many vocal challengers present, stated that if Johnson has a Brexit plan, he needs to place it before the public via either a referendum or general election.

Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson, meanwhile, criticised Johnson's handling of the issue, arguing that he has failed to deliver on a long-vocalised campaign promise.

"The Prime Minister has wanted the job for so long it has been almost painful to watch," she said.

"He has said, 'We will get a great deal' - well, now he has the job. That is the job. Go and get the deal.


"But he knows that he was just saying whatever came into his head to get the job. He knows he can't get the great deal because there is no great deal."

Clip via UK Parliament