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13th Feb 2014

Boy Racer: Ten-year-old steals parents’ car and tries to convince police he’s a dwarf

He's used the oldest excuse in the book... The book of excuses for ten-year-old carjackers that is.


He’s used the oldest excuse in the book… The book of excuses for ten-year-old carjackers that is.

A ten-year-old young lad in Norway will surely be getting a bit of an earful from his parents for being a wheely naughty boy after he was caught driving their car by the police.

Not content with simply being too young to get behind the wheel of their Fjord Focus, he decided that he wanted to take a trip to visit his grandparents, but instead of bothering the auld pair until they gave in, he figured he could make the 60 km journey by himself with his 18-month-old sister in the car too.

He made it about 10km before he veered off the road into a snowy ditch, according to The Independent, and was found by a snowplough driver, who alerted the police. He wasn’t finished with his hijinks yet though, as rather than admit to the police that he was a child, he claimed he was a dwarf that had forgotten his driver’s licence. We also believe that he blamed the crash on being Sleepy, Snoozy, Grumpy and Dopey.

Predictably enough, the police didn’t buy the excuse, and got the boy back home to his parents, who had woken up in the middle of the night to find their children and car gone, which is pretty worrying. Both the boy and his sister were unharmed by the accident however, but he won’t be allowed to use the car again for at least a few weeks we’d imagine.

Hat-tip to The Independent

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