Confused about Brexit? This handy official explainer is just what you need 1 year ago

Confused about Brexit? This handy official explainer is just what you need

In fairness, it has been a colossal mess so far.

There's really no shame if the entire Brexit fiasco is causing you to scratch your head.

JOE's own Carl Kinsella did his best to make sense of things back in December, and though you really should take a few minutes to read over that one, a lot has developed since.

And none of it has really been any good, to be honest.

You know the basics; UK Prime Minister Theresa May is currently doing her utmost to withdraw Britain from the European Union, which is scheduled to take effect on 29 March.

There has been significant opposition to this from a great many people, be it rival politicians, political commentators or the average armchair pundit.

Hell, even members of May's own party have attempted to oust her, to no avail.

Throw in the quite dire-looking consequences that Brexit will almost definitely have on trade, the fiercely contentious issue of the Irish border and the general financial and security-based impact for future generations and you have a great big problem that has gotten way out of control.

Again, these are the bullet points. As noted, there's a lot to chew on with Brexit.

Brexit explainer

Which is why you may well welcome a new explainer from the European Commission that manages to be both highly detailed and pleasingly concise.

The 60-page document is presented in slideshow format and while it does bring back some bad memories of especially dull college lectures, the information contained within is worth getting clued up on.

Sure it's Monday, what else would you be doing?

Brexit explainer

You can read the whole thing right here.