There’s a petition to offer Ireland the chance to join the UK 4 years ago

There’s a petition to offer Ireland the chance to join the UK

Hundreds of people have actually signed it.

Where to even begin?


It feels like Brexit and Brexit-related happenings throw up some new wild calamity literally every day now, and today's is really quite something.

Some enterprising genius by the name of Scott Packer has seen fit to create a petition designed to offer the Republic of Ireland full membership to the United Kingdom so that we may do away with any pesky border issues and thus all flee the EU as one.

The idea is unique, to say the least.

"The RoI left our Union in 1922 after 121 years of being part of the family," the petition begins, with that 'family' reference really raising the eyebrows.


"We should now ask them to reconsider their position within both the UK & EU as a way of solving the current impasse over the Irish border issue that is holding up the Withdrawal Agreement.

"Britain & Ireland stronger together," it concludes.


Giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, we think it's fair to call this one a supremely misguided venture.


If it's instead an elaborate ruse designed to wind people up - it has to be, right? - well then, hey, not the worst effort we've ever seen.

You can view the petition, which is searching for 10,000 signatures in order for the UK parliament to take official notice, here.

At time of writing it has just over 800 signatures and is scheduled to run until early July, by which point Britain will definitely have successfully withdrawn from the EU, right?