Brits head to packed nightclubs at midnight on 'Freedom Day' 2 years ago

Brits head to packed nightclubs at midnight on 'Freedom Day'

Clubs return, but common sense departs.

With 'Freedom Day' now upon the British people, some might think that the public, in all their unrivalled common sense, would trudge slowly through the coming weeks. But unsurprisingly thousands flocked to nightclubs for when the clock struck twelve.


Line for club The queue outside the Egg London nightclub in the early hours of July 19/Via Getty

With cases soaring, experts criticising the government's decisions, and the Delta variant still a rising problem, there is concern the situation in the UK could deteriorate rapidly.

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Don't get me wrong, we all want to be sweating in a club, our shoes sticking to the floor as someone we are not even vaguely interested in tells us about how they were very nearly a professional footballer.

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Over 1,200 scientists said that "Freedom Day" was a mistake, with many saying it was outright dangerous.

Professor Christina Pagel, a member of the Independent UK Sage panel, said: “Because of our position of a global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the UK will likely spread to the rest of the world.


“We saw it with Alpha variant. I’m absolutely sure that we have contributed to the rise of the Delta variant in North America and Europe. UK [government] policy doesn’t just affect us – it affects everybody.”

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