Bus hijacked by masked men and set on fire in Belfast 1 year ago

Bus hijacked by masked men and set on fire in Belfast

Four masked men are alleged to have boarded the bus before setting it alight.

A bus has been set on fire after it was hijacked by four masked men in Belfast.


The Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed the bus was set alight on Sunday evening.

Four men boarded the double-decker bus in Church Road near Rathcoole in Newtownabbey at about 7.45pm on Sunday, ordered passengers to get off and set it on fire.

"Police received a report of a hijacking incident in the Church Road area of Newtownabbey at around 7.45pm this evening," the PSNI said.

"It was reported that four men got onto the bus and ordered passengers off before the bus was then set alight.


"Church Road is currently closed and diversions are in place. Police would ask members of the public to avoid the area."

SDLP Deputy Leader Nichola Mallon described the hijacking as "madness".

"Translink NI buses are paid for and owned by the people of Northern Ireland," she said.

"Without them people can't get to and from work, or school, or hospital appointments. Our bus drivers are working class people who deserve to be safe in their jobs. What does this madness achieve?!"