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20th Sep 2022

Casting call issued for new TV series about trying to buy a home in Ireland

Dave Hanratty

Buying home Ireland

Good luck with that…

Sometimes, reality television can hit a bit too close to home.

It’s hardly surprising headline news to announce that Ireland is currently in the midst of arguably the worst housing crisis it has ever experienced.

As such, there’s plenty of scope to explore, examine and document this increasingly grim reality so many of our citizens find themselves directly affected by. No better time to make a TV show about it, then?

That’s presumably the thought process behind How to Buy a Home, which is currently in production at Animo TV (Ireland’s Fittest Family, The Great House Revival), with plans to air the subsequent series on Virgin Media Television.

Members of the general public and their unique experiences would appear essential to such a project, and so it is that a casting call has been issued. The team at Animo are looking for single people, couples and families from all over Ireland who are looking to purchase a home in the next six months – but, crucially, are struggling to sign on the dotted line.

Property expert and buyer’s agent Liz O’Kane will be involved with the show, where she will assist those who are selected for the series.

If you’re interested and want to receive more information, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected].

A spokesperson for Animo TV describes the series thus:

“How to Buy a Home will highlight the stories of real people across Ireland and their genuine struggles to find a place they can call their own.  We want to show a diverse range of stories and locations across Ireland, rural and urban.

“As well as reflecting the honest picture of what our property crisis looks like on the ground, property expert Liz O’Kane will be on hand to advise, support and empower people with the knowledge and skills that will eventually lead them to their own front door.

“We will also take the opportunity to examine and integrate the problems Irish home hunters face in today’s market.”

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