Campaign launched to "Save Dublin Zoo", amid fears it may have to close its doors for good 5 months ago

Campaign launched to "Save Dublin Zoo", amid fears it may have to close its doors for good

Without financial support, Dublin Zoo may have to make the difficult decision to close its doors.

A campaign has been launched to "Save Dublin Zoo", amid fears it may have to close its doors for good.


The zoo is appealing to the Irish public for help, as financial losses caused by ongoing Covid-19 restrictions continue to mount.

The campaign has been launched to raise vital funds to help cover the cost of animal care, which alone totals €500,000 each month, as emergency cash reserves begin to run out.

People of Ireland are being asked to do one of any number of things to help the zoo stay afloat:

  1. Make a donation to the zoo here
  2. Arrange your own fundraising event for Dublin Zoo
  3. Adopt an animal, which can be done here
  4. Or simply spread the word, by posting your favourite memory of Dublin Zoo on social media with the hashtag #SaveDublinZoo

Every euro received will go towards the care of Dublin Zoo animals. €25 is enough to feed one of the red pandas for a day. €50 is enough to feed a lion for one day. €75 euro will feed an elephant for a day. €100 will feed a southern white rhinoceros for a week.

Director of Dublin Zoo, Dr Christoph Schwitzer said:

"We are in serious financial difficulty because of Covid-19 and are launching the Save Dublin Zoo campaign to raise much needed funds to help care for the animals here at the Zoo. We understand this is a challenging time for everyone, so we are asking people to only give what they can – every donation counts no matter the size.


"We have relied on our emergency cash reserves to remain open when allowed, but even then, visitor number restrictions due to social distancing have made it near impossible to generate enough revenue to just break even. Without financial support, we are facing an uncertain future and may have to close.

"At this time of year, we are usually in the middle of Wild Lights and making preparations for the busy Christmas period, but instead we find ourselves fighting for our future and calling on the people of Ireland to answer our call and donate if possible.

"We are so grateful for the messages of support from our devoted visitors and annual pass holders who have shown an outpouring of love and compassion from the start. We are now asking those who are able to help us, to give what they can and help raise awareness for the Save Dublin Zoo campaign".