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25th Jul 2014

Can anyone spot what’s wrong with this tattoo that Cathal Pendred’s best mate got in honour of his UFC debut?

We’re no experts in Roman numerals but…


We’re no experts in Roman numerals but…

Cathal Pendred is still basking in the glory of his brilliant ‘fight of the night’ victory at UFC Dublin last Saturday night and the significance of the victory has not been lost on those close to the Dubliner.

Pendred revealed on Twitter today that his best mate fulfilled a promise that he would get a tattoo with Pendred’s name and the date of his UFC debut, but you might spot a small mistake in the picture below…


Like we said, we’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure that the date in the tattoo reads 19/7/34, which would suggest that Pendred made his UFC debut back in biblical times when we’re pretty sure there was lots of fighting but none of it taking place in an Octagon. MMXIV is what he was looking for… we think.

It’s still a lovely gesture by Pendred’s mate in fairness and if he’s getting something similar done in future, we suggest that he refer to The Simpsons, where Bart showed a foolproof method of calculating Roman numerals when working out that Rocky V + Rocky II = Rocky VII, Adrian’s Revenge.

Hat-tip to Andy for the heads up on this one