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Car crashes into crowd protesting against white supremacists march in Charlottesville
Despite the state of emergency being called, the situation continues to deteriorate.

Updated: 21.30

The situation in Charlottesville has continued to deteriorate throughout the day.

The Mayor of the town confirmed that one person has been killed and at least 19 injured in a vehicle ploughed into a crowd earlier today.

Earlier today we reported on the early gatherings of a "Unite The Right" march taking place in Virginia, with the full rally due to take place today.

Following early reports of violence between white supremacists and peaceful protesters, a state of emergency was declared in the area, but even that did nothing to stem the issue.

Some of the people present were recording the protest when a car suddenly rammed into the crowd, causing a multi-vehicle accident, before reversing and rapidly speeding away.

WARNING: viewer discretion is advised for the following footage.


Others have taken to Twitter to report further escalations in the area, including how the local authorities are attempting to deal with the situation:


While some had wondered when the President would weigh in with an opinion, including one particular Trump disliker...

... but Trump did finally take to Twitter to make an announcement on the extremely volatile situation.


More to follow...

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