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17th Feb 2023

Study reveals most expensive Irish county for car insurance

Rory Fleming

What is the worst county for car insurance?

As the cost of living spirals out of control, people are looking to save money at every available opportunity.

With car insurance a necessary expense for every driver, people around Ireland will be interested to learn about the findings contained within a new report.

The report lays out both the five best, and five worst counties to live in when it comes to obtaining car insurance.

Courtesy of Chill Insurance

With an average price of €738, Longford comes out on top as the most expensive county in Ireland to insure your car in.

The Connacht county is then joined in the top five by Louth (€709), Limerick (€678), Cavan (€669) and Offaly (€653).

On average, Munster was the cheapest province overall with annual premiums averaging €607, and Waterford won out as the cheapest county in Ireland to insure your car at just €549 on average. Also present in the top five list of cheapest counties to get car insurance were Kilkenny (€554), Wicklow (€571), Wexford (€571) and Cork (€579).

Speaking as to how exactly car insurance premiums are calculated, the report stated that your location is taken into account as living in a city where there is a greater risk of crime and increased traffic.

Subsequently, this means an accident or theft is more likely, so as a result, your car insurance premium will increase. Likewise, in Ireland, some rural counties have higher insurance premiums than others due to the higher rates of claims.

A common question amongst those in the process of car insurance renewal is how to bring the cost of their annual premium down.

According to the report, the best way to achieve this is to “shop around and search for the best deal.”

“Don’t just automatically renew, see what’s on the market. Other factors such as removing or adding additional drivers, and increasing your voluntary excess could bring your overall insurance costs down.”

The cost of living crisis has resulted in people seeking out the best car insurance prices.

The report also offered up some other interesting statistics, such as the cheapest cars to insure on average, with Dacia (€515), Kia (€556) and Skoda (€567) making up the top 3. Whilst the 3 best occupations to obtain cheap car insurance were listed as clerk (€480), retiree (€494) and Garda (€506).

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive age bracket to secure car insurance for were those drivers under the age of 19, at an average cost of €1987 per annum. 60-69-year-olds were the demographic who faired best, with an annual premium averaging at €461.

You can view the full report from here.


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