Dublin Cat Lounge issues urgent appeal for the return of stolen kitten 4 years ago

Dublin Cat Lounge issues urgent appeal for the return of stolen kitten

The Smithfield business is currently working with Gardaí to identify the couple believed to have stolen the kitten.

The Cat Lounge in Dublin has issued an appeal following the theft of a five and a half week old kitten, which was taken from the venue on Wednesday evening (11 April).


The kitten, named Lizzie disappeared at approximately 6.30pm and currently, the owners of the Smithfield lounge believe that a man and woman were responsible for her being stolen.

Speaking to JOE, one of the Lounge's owners, Kerrie said the couple removed Lizzie from her cage, before departing swiftly thereafter. The man, whom is believed to have taken the kitten was described as wearing a black bomber jacket and was carrying a large bag.

"In 30 seconds, we realised that the cage was slightly ajar and kitten was missing," she said.

"There wasn't even two or three minutes between the time of them leaving, us noticing and first checking the floor.


"The kitten is about five and a half weeks old, so she's tiny. Easy to smuggle into a bomber jacket."

In the immediate aftermath of the discovery, the lounge posted an appeal to Facebook, stating that Lizzie is microchipped and requires medication.

"Whilst we are reviewing CCTV footage with the guards, we do hope the person, who took our Lizzie, understands their mistake now. You can bring her to Future Shock next door to the lounge, anonymously and no questions asked," the appeal read.


The lounge has since shared a screenshot of CCTV footage obtained outside the building.

Noting that the images are currently censored to hide the couple's identities, Kerrie said: "If the kitten is brought out, this will be over, but we just want to point out that we know who they are.

"Police have the CCTV too, and they are putting out a bulletin, but we really don't want to prosecute anybody."