There's a Christmas store already opened - five months before the festive season 1 year ago

There's a Christmas store already opened - five months before the festive season

No, no, no. Just no.

Selfridges in London has become the first department store in the world to open its Christmas shop - 149 days ahead of Christmas day - after they launched their festive shop this week.

No, no, no.

The store has already erected their Christmas decorations and they have a litany of Christmas-themed products on sale.

For example, their shelves are already stocking Christmas baubles, tress, stockings, and more.

No, just no.

Always no.

Selfridges have said that this strategy of selling Christmas products early has been a contributing factor to year-on-year record sales, driven by early Christmas shoppers.

Again, a massive no.

Speaking with The Birmingham Mail, Eleanor Gregory, Selfridges Christmas and home buyer, said:

"We have so many customers visiting from all over the world, eager to snap up festive decorations and souvenirs on their London summer holidays which they can't buy at home.

"Our summer Christmas shop launch simply addresses the growing demand for convenience Christmas shopping outside the traditional Christmas season from many of our customers.

"They include a large number of domestic customers who love to Christmas shop very early in the year to get it wrapped and taken off their to-do list."


To be honest, Selfridge's have a history of these marketing stunts and to that we say, no.

However, if you're interested in visiting, the Christmas shop launching today and it's located at their London store.