Irish MEPs offices targeted with Nazi stickers in Strasbourg 1 year ago

Irish MEPs offices targeted with Nazi stickers in Strasbourg

11 other MEPs were targeted by vandals.

Two Irish MEPs have had their parliament offices in Strasbourg vandalised following a vote on condemning Russia.


Clare Daly's and Mick Wallace's offices were targeted by vandals on Wednesday morning (9 March).

The vandalism is thought to be linked to a recent vote on condemning Russia for their actions against Ukraine.


Wallace and Daly had voted against the resolution, which also set to approve the increasing of military spending in the EU and to provide weapons and equipment to Ukrainian forces.

"There is no military solution for what is now happening," Daly and Wallace wrote in a statement on the first day of the invasion.

"We oppose any military response just as unequivocally as we oppose Russia's actions.

"Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine, immediately cease all military operations and resume diplomatic engagement.


"All parties must work to restore the Minsk process, as the only path to a peaceful resolution of conflict."

Daly and Wallace were two of only 13 MEPs who voted against the resolution, facing major backlash for their decision.

Daly said that they have been targeted by "brutal intimidation" since the vote took place.

“Our offices in the parliament and the offices of the 13 people who voted against it, were covered in Nazi stickers, and anti-Russian sorts of things on their doors," Daly said to reporters in Strasbourg.


"It’s been investigated, but these people had to go in to the parliament."

Wallace said that there were 46 separate votes as part of the resolution, and they had voted in favour of all the provisions condemning Russia, but against anything that would increase military spending.

Meanwhile at home, Russian officials have called on Ireland to apologise for an incident of criminal damage at the Russian Embassy in Dublin, and for taxpayers to foot the repair bill.

On Monday afternoon (7 March), a man was arrested after driving a lorry carrying communion supplies into the gates of the Embassy, seemingly in protest at Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.