Irish MEP praised on Russian state TV for condemning sanctions against Russia 1 year ago

Irish MEP praised on Russian state TV for condemning sanctions against Russia

Daly was described as a "voice of reason" on Russian state television.

A speech from Clare Daly has been widely shared and praised on Russian state television for condemning sanctions against the country.


The Irish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) criticised moves to sanction Russia as a response to the ongoing invasion in Ukraine.

"How is not selling any Kerrygold butter to Russia going to save any Ukrainian lives?" Daly said during a speech in Strasbourg.

"How is buying filthy, fracked, US gas going to stop the war?

"We are happy to spend billions prolonging the war in the Ukraine. Makes me absolutely sick.


"Seven weeks ago, German Chancellor Schultz correctly said that peace in Europe can not be won against Russia, but that's exactly what we're doing.

"Yes, Russia bears responsibility for this conflict, of course they do.

"But we can not ignore the role of NATO, and the EU, instead of promoting peace, and acting in the interest of the people of Europe, the Ukrainians, the EU citizens, and yes, the Russian citizens too, has become a tool of NATO and the military industrial complex."

The clip has since been edited to remove mention of war and Russian responsibility, and broadcast as part of a panel discussion on Channel 1.


Channel 1 is Russia's first state-owned TV station, and holds a global audience of 250 million worldwide.

The station is the same newsroom where an editor protested the war by sharing a sign that read "Stop the war / Don’t believe propaganda / They’re lying to you”.

Elena Suponina, a panelist on Channel 1 described Daly's speech as evidence that there were people in Europe who saw the war as the US trying to weaken the European economy.

The same clip was introduced on Russia-1, the second largest channel in the country, describing Daly as the voice of reason.