CNN brilliantly trolls Donald Trump following his 'assault' on them 5 years ago

CNN brilliantly trolls Donald Trump following his 'assault' on them

Well played, very well played...

CNN have responded to Donald Trump's Tweet in which he called the channel  frauds, with a little video of their own.


Over the weekend, Trump posted a video to his Twitter where he can be seen performing a clothes line on CNN (or a man with a CNN logo on his face).

The video went viral over the weekend after Trump tweeted it and then proceeded to retweet it hours later.


CNN has now hit back over the video by making one of their own where Mark Humphries is portraying the man (with a CNN logo on his face) who was assaulted by President Trump.

The man states:

“My name is CNN and I was assaulted by the President. The bullying started a while ago, mainly online. Donald Trump started to call me fake news which is as painful as me having to call him President of the United States. He also said CNN reported lies and he is right because CNN reported lies by Trump’s inauguration attendance. But soon the bullying entered the workplace. But, we never thought about getting physical but I was shocked when he grabbed me."


CNN had initially responded by telling the President that CNN would keep doing their jobs and encouraged him to do the same.