CNN make gaffe when reporting on Joe Biden's 'Black and Tans' gaffe 5 months ago

CNN make gaffe when reporting on Joe Biden's 'Black and Tans' gaffe

A number of Irish viewers have taken to social media to criticise the US news channel.

While reporting on US President Joe Biden's recent "Black and Tans" gaffe, American news channel CNN made a gaffe of its own regarding the British military force.


For those that missed it, Biden made the initial slip during a speech in Dundalk in Louth earlier this week as part of his much-publicised Irish visit. He was speaking about former Ireland rugby player Rob Kearney, who is his distant cousin and was present at the speech.

Kearney was part of the Ireland team that beat New Zealand in Chicago in 2016, the first time Ireland ever beat the All Blacks.

The US President appeared to momentarily mix up the All Blacks, the nickname for the New Zealand rugby union team, with the Black and Tans, who were constables recruited into the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) from the UK as reinforcements during the Irish War of Independence.

"See this tie I have? This shamrock tie? It was given to me by one of these guys right here," Biden said, referring to Kearney.


The American president said that his distant cousin is a "hell of a rugby player, who beat the hell out of the Black and Tans."

You can watch a clip of the moment below.


However, reporting on the US President's Ireland visit and the Black and Tans error, CNN International Diplomatic Editor Nic Robertson mistakenly referred to the British military force as an "Irish paramilitary".

He said:

"I think we've seen the President be a little bit more relaxed. A lot of people here picking up on a small gaffe that he made meeting the crowds yesterday, visiting some of his family roots, mentioning the Black and Tans when he meant the All Blacks rugby team.

"The Black and Tans, of course, an Irish paramilitary that sided with the English as Ireland struggled for its independence last century."

You can watch a clip of the CNN report below, which a number of Irish viewers have taken to social media to criticise.


Meanwhile, for live updates on Biden's ongoing Irish visit, check out JOE's live blog right here.

Main image via Maxwells and Twitter/CNN

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