CNN has called the American presidential election for Joe Biden 2 years ago

CNN has called the American presidential election for Joe Biden

Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United State of America.

CNN has officially declared Joe Biden the President of the United States.


The 20 projected electoral college votes from Pennsylvania took him over the 270 college electoral votes threshold.

Biden will be the 46th President of the US, while Kamala Harris will become the first-ever female Vice-President.

Here is the moment CNN called it for Biden:


Biden said on Twitter that he is "honoured" to have been chosen to lead America.


At one stage on Wednesday, Trump led by over 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania as they counted the election day ballots first.

As the mail-in ballots were counted over the past few days Joe Biden began to reel in Trump, passing him out Friday lunchtime.

The mail-in ballot was a popular choice amongst voters across America because of the surging Coronavirus cases in many US states.

These votes were expected to and have in fact skewed Democrat, predominantly because Trump encouraged Republican voters to vote on the day due to unfounded and baseless concerns about 'voter fraud'.


Joe Biden also holds a lead in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona but he does not require the votes from any of those states now that he has won Pennsylvania.

Biden is expected to make a speech shortly.