Conor McGregor slammed for Halloween photo of mum in 'black face' 1 year ago

Conor McGregor slammed for Halloween photo of mum in 'black face'

Blackface is never okay.

Conor McGregor has found himself in hot water after the fighter shared a picture of his mum wearing 'black face' at Halloween.


The UFC star, 34, shared his mum's controversial outfit on Instagram as part of a Halloween montage. Yet, it was his mother's choice that sent people into a frenzy - and not the good kind.

While the fighter wore a pilot's suit with a matching hat, she wore offensive dark face paint and a red dress.


The dress itself featured a piece of animal print cloth across the front and bones along the neckline.

While the pictures of the fighter's mum went unnoticed by some social media users as they weren't first up in the montage, those who did see them were shocked.

Social commentator Michael Morgan, wrote: "Loved Conor McGregor’s outfit for Halloween. His mum going full-on ‘blackface’ however, I like that less. A. Lot. Less…"

conor mcgregor halloween A close-up of the blackface (Picture: Instagram / thenotoriousmma)

One Instagram user wrote: "Conor's mum bro... has nobody noticed?"

"Is that... blackface? What is going on with that?" questioned another, while the fifth added: "Who went in blackface ffs?"

Another questioned how someone could possibly think this was an acceptable Halloween costume in 2022.


They wrote: "Come on bruh we still doing blackface in 2022?"

Black face is not cool during Halloween - or any time of the year - as historically it has been used as a form of entertainment used to dehumanise people of African descent.



The post shows McGregor all dressed up for a night of trick or treating with his wife Dee Devlin and children Conor Jr, Croía and Rían.

McGregor is in a matching costume with his wife as pilots, and his children are dressed as a terrifying razor-toothed Huggy Wuggy bear, adorable fluffy lion and cute light-up fairy.