Cork and Dublin have been named as two of the friendliest cities in the world 6 months ago

Cork and Dublin have been named as two of the friendliest cities in the world

Show some love for the friendly Dubliner and Corkonian in your life.

Isn't it lovely that the capital - and the county that considers itself to be the real capital - are both being acknowledged as friendly cities? Awww!

Now, when we reveal the actual rankings, we suspect that the rivalry will be far more intense than the recent meeting of both counties in the Super 8s because let's be honest, this fight deserves it's own monologue.

After all, it's the Lee vs the Liffey. Murphy’s vs Guinness. Patrick's Street vs Grafton Street.

In the red corner, we've got a city with the steel of Roy Keane, the talent of Cillian Murphy, and the fierce patriotism of Michael Collins (we're not getting into the Treaty debate here!). It's the one and only...Rebel County!

In the blue corner, it's the real capital of Ireland with the wit of Oscar Wilde, the charm of Phil Lynott, and the soul of Luke Kelly. The cultural heartbeat of the country and home to more Irish people than any other place in the world...Dublin!

Lo and behold, the winner is....


(Cue every single Corkonian calling this list a load of bollocks!)

As for the The People's Republic of Cork, the county sits proudly at number 17 out of 50 destinations that were named on Big 7 Travel's list.

In terms of the publication's description of life on Leeside, they said that "Cork is a charming and compact riverside city, where the chances of a stranger saying hi to you on the street are likely."

Dublin was ranked as the sixth most friendly city in the world and Dubliners were praised for their sense of humour.

"For such a small city, Dublin packs a serious punch when it comes to friendliness. People here are good-natured, with a good sense of humour. Whether you’re lost or just looking for a chat in a pub, Dubliners will be on hand to help out. Locals even thank the bus driver – the perfect example of classic Irish warmth!," they said.

In terms of the most friendly place  in the world, Vancouver took that accolade with Bruges (shit hole) and Kuala Lumpur completing the top three.

The data was gathered from a survey of their 1.5 million social media followers.

Truth be told, we'd love nothing more than for Dubliners and Corkonians to start fighting it out in the comments section.