In case you missed it, the Cricket World Cup Final was absolutely mad 2 years ago

In case you missed it, the Cricket World Cup Final was absolutely mad

An incredible day of sport.

Aaaand breathe. Wow. That was exhausting.


We just had an absolutely brilliant day of Gaelic football, hurling and a Wimbledon Final that will be talked about for years to come.

So in fairness, you'd be forgiven for not paying too much attention to the cricket.

But if you were, my God you got your money's worth.

New Zealand bat first, and got a total of 241 runs. England went second, and after 50 overs, they ended up getting the exact same amount of runs.


They did so with the help of one of the flukiest moments in sports history, which you can see here. INSANE:

At that point, only the most die-hard of cricket fans fully understood what was coming next - something called a Super Over.


And super it was.

A Super Over is essentially a penalty shootout. Each team selected two batsmen, who faced a total of six balls between them. All they had to do was get as many points as possible.

England went first and got 15, while New Zealand went second and it got to the point where they needed two runs from the final ball.

They went for it, and were ultimately bowled out. England won by one point, after a Super Over, and one of the luckiest moments in any sport, ever.


Absolutely incredible scenes, and Irishman Eoin Morgan lifted the trophy.