Croke Park to be used as drive-through Covid-19 test facility 1 year ago

Croke Park to be used as drive-through Covid-19 test facility

Residents living near the stadium received a statement on Monday.

In co-ordination with the Health Service Executive (HSE), Croke Park is set to be turned into a drive-through Covid-19 testing facility.


Residents living near the stadium received a message on Monday (16 March), announcing the measure.

The facility will not serve as a walk-up option for the general public but rather a venue for people to avail of appointments in quick fashion.

"Following a high-level request from the HSE today and in the national interest, Croke Park is to become a drive-thru facility for testing for Covid-19 for designated appointments," begins the statement sent to residents.

"This will not be a walk-up service. The stadium layout has been identified as being suitable for facilitating this important service at this time.  As soon as we have further information, we will share with you."

Using a stadium for this purpose has become increasingly commonplace, as World Health Organisation Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted in his latest media briefing on Monday.

The WHO Director-General also had a clear-cut message for the world as he called for every suspected case of Covid-19 to be tested.

"This is a serious disease. Although the evidence we have suggests that those over 60 are at highest risk, young people, including children, have died.


"WHO has issued new clinical guidance with specific details on how to care for children, older people and pregnant women. So far, we have seen epidemics in countries with advanced health systems. But even they have struggled to cope.

"As the virus moves to low-income countries, we're deeply concerned about the impact it could have among populations with high HIV prevalence or among malnourished children. That’s why we’re calling on every country and every individual to do everything they can to stop transmission."

As of Monday, the global Covid-19 death toll stands at over 6,700.

There are over 175,000 confirmed cases reported.