Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney issues safety warning after a very serious fire destroys her flat 6 months ago

Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney issues safety warning after a very serious fire destroys her flat

"Those cube plugs are a death trap. My flat is ruined." Take note.

Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney has urged people to stop using double cube plugs after a fire destroyed her flat.

Thankfully, McSweeney was not in the flat at the time of the incident because she was attending a play.

Best-known for her role as Sister Michael in the Channel 4 comedy, the actress from Cork has shared details of the traumatic event because she hopes they can serve as a warning to anyone that's currently using this type of plug.

The actress took to Twitter to share her account of the events.

FYI, this is the type of plug that caused the fire in McSweeney's flat and she has urged everyone who is currently using one of these to "please, please, please get rid of them."

Thankfully, none of her neighbours were injured during the incident because fire alarms alerted them to the blaze.

After the authorities were alerted, two fire brigades arrived at the flat, chopped down her door, and discovered the entire flat was covered in smoke.

The actress states that the heat from the flames was so intense, it cracked the window and melted the fire alarms and the fuse box which was located in the hall.

Aside from this, toxic fumes were released from the mattress and spread throughout the premises.

In terms of the reason for the fire starting, she states that the fire investigator told her that the "cube double adaptor had fallen out slightly - less than 2mm out of the socket - by the bedside and created an 'electrical arc.' This spread and started the fire."

After a through examination of the scene, the fire inspector assured McSweeney that this wasn't her fault.

"Those cubes are a death trap, He has been trying to get them banned for years. If anything good can come from this, it's this. Please, please, please get rid of them in your house. They are structured badly and it only takes a mm for there to be a spark," she wrote.

At present, the actress is staying with a friend as she waits for the repair work on her apartment to begin on Monday.

Thankfully, some of McSweeney's most important personal items survived the fire which include her father's death certificate, her passport, and various medications.

We hope that the repair work is done quickly and that she's not too inconvenienced by this extremely unfortunate incident.

However, as McSweeney states below, "this feels like a dreadful but ultimately 'could be much worse'" scenario.

Here's her account of the unfortunate events and some images of the damage that was done.

Here's McSweeney's original message.