Here's all the details on the reopening of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment 1 year ago

Here's all the details on the reopening of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

There will be five rates of PUP available, determined by your weekly earnings.

Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys announced the full details of the reopening of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment on Monday (6 December).


Minister Humphreys confirmed the return of the scheme following the announcement of new restrictions on Friday.

The reopening has been specifically designed to support those who will lose their employment due to the reintroduction of these restrictions from Tuesday 7 December onward.

There will be five rates of PUP payable, which will be determined by the applicant's weekly earnings.

A new rate of €150 will be payable to those who previously earned less than €151.50 per week to align the PUP rates with the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme.


The Department of Social Protection will be using Revenue data to verify employment status for all applications.

Applicants may be required to go to an Intreo centre to show evidence of their employment status, but otherwise can apply online via MyWelfare.

Here are the rates payable for anyone who is eligible for the PUP:

People earning €400+ a week will be eligible for €35o a week.


Those earning between €300-€399 will earn €300 a week.

Those who earned between €200-€299 will earn €250 a week.

Those earning between €151.50- €200 will get €203.

Those who get less than €151.50 will receive €150 now.


“As the Government has introduced new restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19, I am reopening PUP for a limited period to support those people who directly lose their employment as a consequence of these new restrictions," Minister Humphreys said.

“PUP will be open for those who are directly impacted from Tuesday 7 December.

“As has previously been the case, the rate of PUP will be linked to a person’s previous earnings and there will be 5 rates of payment available, ranging from €150 to €350 per week.

“This is not where any of us wanted to be, however, reopening PUP for those directly impacted will provide vital support during these difficult times.

“I want to assure everyone working in one of the affected sectors that should they lose their employment, my Department will be there to support them. The quickest and easiest way to apply for PUP is online via”