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28th Jun 2024

Diver ignores extreme water slide’s ‘no women’ warning and goes down it anyway

Charlie Herbert

There’s a good reason why the ‘no women’ warning is there

A world champion diver decided to ignore a warning on an extreme water slide which stated women aren’t allowed to go down it.

Area 47 is an adventure park in Austria with some pretty wild activities for thrill-seekers to take part in. One of these is a waterslide which claims to be the fastest in Europe, boasting speeds of up to 50mph.

There’s also a ban on women going down it, due to “high risk of injury.”

But Rhiannan Iffland decided to try the slide anyway.

She’s is an Australian high diver who is a seven-time consecutive Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series champion, and wasn’t daunted by the ‘no women’ warning.

In a video shared on social media, she can be seen approaching the slide and telling the camera that “women aren’t supposed to do this.”

She then disappears down the slide.


Went for it anyway. Just once but i did it! 😂 #waterslides #budgysmuggler @Budgy Smuggler

♬ original sound – Rhiannan Iffland

So why is there a ‘no women’ warning on this slide? Well, women are at risk of high pressure water entering their body if they go down slides like this, which can cause enemas. Enemas are when fluid is placed in the rectum to empty the lower part of the large bowel. There is also the risk of infection caused by foreign bodies in the water.

On Iffland’s post, a number of women shared their own experience of injuries they’ve sustained on extreme water slides.

Commenting on Iffland’s video, one woman wrote: “I got the worst enema on that slide bahhaha you are brave girl.”

Another said: “The amount of people that don’t understand why women aren’t supposed to go on this slide is scary!”

A third commented: “Unfortunately I got a water slide enema. Peed out half the swimming pool in the toilet from my butt. I literally couldn’t stand upright after it happened. Weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Addressing the health risks that the slide posed to her, Iffland told “It was never my intent to mock the safety regulations of this water slide. A person’s safety is paramount and I am constantly weighing up any danger with my job. To suggest otherwise, is wrong.”

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