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10th Nov 2020

Dogs Trust Ireland release chilling advert about illegal sale of puppies

Rudi Kinsella

dogs trust petition

“These dogs have one purpose, it’s sad but it’s true. They are there to make puppies – just for you.”

Dogs Trust Ireland has released a chilling advert about the illegal advertising and selling of puppies.

The animated advert tells the story of dogs who are kept in kennels and are used purely to breed puppies which end up being bought.

It is a story told through a depressing poem that sadly does not have a happy ending.

Take a look here:

Dogs Trust Ireland is looking for signatures on a petition to stop the illegal sale of dogs across the country, saying that “new laws exist but they need to be enforced to have an impact”.

You can sign the petition here.

This comes on the same day that a number of dogs were seized in the boot of a car at Dublin Port.

A female dog and her three puppies were seized as there was no paperwork and they were being transported in the boot of a car without access to food, water or suitable ventilation.

The dogs were brought to the DSPCA for care while a file is being prepared for the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions).

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