Trump branded a "serial liar" after multiple false claims in acceptance speech 1 year ago

Trump branded a "serial liar" after multiple false claims in acceptance speech

"No, just no... it's wrong".

A CNN reporter has labelled the US President Donald Trump a "serial liar", and said he "serially lied" during his speech accepting the Republican nomination for the election in November.


Trump accepted the nomination at the White House on Thursday night, in front of a crowd of over a thousand supporters, with little physical distancing in place. In his acceptance speech, he claimed that his Democrat counterpart Joe Biden would "destroy the American dream" if elected.

Analysing the speech, CNN's Daniel Dale, who regularly fact-checks the President's speeches and press conferences, said that Trump made more than 20 false or misleading claims in his acceptance speech;

"The President is a serial liar, and he has serially lied tonight. I counted, preliminarily, more than twenty false or misleading claims. I want to go through a whole bunch of them, quickly, because I think it's all important."

Dale then went on to list multiple lies Donald Trump told in his speech, including some he has made on numerous occasions. These include falsely accusing Biden of threatening to tear down the border wall with Mexico and claiming to have done more for the African-American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln, something Dale branded as "ludicrous".

Other false claims made by the President on Thursday evening, according to Dale, included a number of Biden's other supposed policies, including a ban on guns and a defunding of police, both of which are not true. Trump also claimed to have "very good information" that China wants Biden to win, as he is "soft" on the US' economic rival.


Dale's three minute video on Trump's speech ends with the breathless reporter responding to the President's claim that Biden would 'eliminate American borders' by simply saying; "no, just no... it's wrong".

You can watch the full video below: