Donald Trump has officially begun his re-election campaign 4 years ago

Donald Trump has officially begun his re-election campaign

The Trump 2020 campaign got underway in Florida on Tuesday night.

Here we go again.


While the next running American president won't be named until November 2020, current president Donald Trump officially kicked off his re-election campaign in Florida on Tuesday night, four years to the week since he officially announced himself in the running for his first term.

On the eve of the speech, a poll was taken with potential Florida voters, where it was discovered that Trump was running in second to pretty much all of his biggest opponents for the next election: Biden v. Trump 50-41, Sanders v. Trump 48-42, Warren v. Trump 47-43.

Which perhaps explains why he kicked off his campaign there, and also why he barely mentioned any of those people, instead focusing a lot of time on someone who wasn't running: Hillary Clinton.

Yep, in a bizarre moment of deja vu from 2016, Trump once again aimed a lot of his anger towards Clinton, but there was also an attack on "the current establishment" of the U.S. government, and how Trump's presidency has "fixed" a lot of those problems:


Of course, in the aftermath of his re-election announcement, some of his competitors made their opinions on his campaign platform - anti-Democrats, anti-media, anti-Clinton - very clear: