Donald Trump says Brexit "will be very, very good for Ireland" 6 months ago

Donald Trump says Brexit "will be very, very good for Ireland"

He's staying for two nights at his resort in Doonbeg.

US President Donald Trump has arrived in Ireland and held an impromptu press conference at Shannon Airport alongside Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

Varadkar and other government officials were on hand to welcome him while environmental and anti-war groups staged protests nearby.

Trump was asked if he thinks Brexit will be bad for Ireland, as he has previously stated his belief that it would be good for the UK.

He responded by saying Brexit "will be very, very good for Ireland."

"The big thing is going to be the border and hopefully it will work out and I think it will work out," Trump said. "There’s a lot of good minds thinking about how to do it. It’s going to work out.

"I think ultimately it will be very very good for Ireland, and the border will work out."

The US President is using Ireland as a base and will attend the D-Day celebrations in France on Thursday before returning to Ireland for a dinner on Thursday evening.

Trump is staying at his resort in Doonbeg and will likely play a round of golf on Friday before his departure.

He had been due to visit Ireland last November, but the trip was postponed for operational reasons.