Door-to-door phone repair service returns for Dublin residents 1 year ago

Door-to-door phone repair service returns for Dublin residents

A cool idea that may come in very handy over the next couple of weeks.

A door-to-door phone repair company is relaunching its service in Dublin as Ireland remains under Level 5 lockdown restrictions for the coming weeks.


Fónfix, a company that offers a zero touch, door-to-door collection, repair and return for service for phones and iPad tablets, provided its services nationwide during lockdown earlier this year, but will offer it in the Dublin area this time around.

The company will be able to solve charging issues, broken screens, software problems and accidental drops down the toilet throughout of all Dublin.

Alan Eyre, Sales and Marketing Manager from Fónfix said: "We’re delighted to offer this door to door service to our existing and hopefully new customers across Dublin city.

"We had great success when we launched our nationwide door to door service earlier this year, which was for a limited time only.

"With many phone repair stores closed for the foreseeable, this service will ensure all those working from home have support if needed, along with offering a quick and easy service to those looking to refurbish old phones."

More information can be found on the Fónfix website here.