Waterford driver fined for speeding, immediately speeds away, is fined again 1 month ago

Waterford driver fined for speeding, immediately speeds away, is fined again


Gardaí in Waterford had an interesting day's work when they encountered a driver travelling at 112 kilometres per hour in an 80 kilometre per hour zone while conducting routine speed checks.


So far, so straightforward enough even if 32 kilometres per hour over the limit is notably reckless.

Cue a speeding ticket and presumably a stern talking to.

And on the driver went, once more liberated by the open road.

Arguably too liberated, as it turns out.

The same driver was subsequently found speeding again, this time travelling at 101 kilometres per hour... immediately upon leaving the very traffic stop that landed them in trouble in the first place.

The logical leaps here take some doing, admittedly.

Cut to the guards issuing a second fine and, one assumes, even stronger words.


It's worth noting that the incident took place in the days after An Garda Síochána implemented a 24-hour operation designed to reduce speeding on Irish roads.

In tandem with the Road Safety Authority, National 'Slow Down Day' saw 419 vehicles recorded as speeding during the designated time period.

"Speed is the main contributing factor in many of the crashes on our roads, which all too often devastatingly result in the loss of lives of our neighbours, friends, members of our communities and our loved ones," said Superintendent Tom Murphy of the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau.


"This needless loss must stop. Unfortunately, there are still a number who continue to break the law and drive excessively.

"An Garda Síochána will continue to focus our enforcement efforts on these motorists as we strive to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths on our roads," Murphy concluded.

Featured Image via An Garda Síochána