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30th Oct 2020

DSPCA offers tips to keep pets safe this Halloween

Rudi Kinsella

dspca christmas

Keep your pets safe over this scary period.

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has offered advice on how to ensure your pets stay safe during what can be a difficult time for cats, dogs and other animals.

Speaking on Morning Ireland earlier this week, Gillian Bird of the DSPCA said that because of fireworks, pets can become “very scared” around this time of year.

Bird said that ensuring that your pets remain safe, comfortable, well-fed and warm are the most important things over the Halloween period.

She also said that dogs that aren’t microchipped are particularly at risk, as the sound of fireworks could result in them running away.

She said: “We still have dogs and cats out there that are not microchipped, which means that if they do get lost – and they can easily slip their collars or just run off and get scared – it makes it very difficult for charities to reunite them with their owners.”

She also said that back gardens should be extra “secure” during this time of year, so that pets can’t escape in the event of them being startled by a loud bang.

Finally, she added that sweets should be kept out of reach of pets, though that applies year-round, really…

More info can be found on the DSPCA website.

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